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Goodbye Locke and Key

It think it was summer 2011 when I first discovered Locke and Key. It was a podcast that used to be part of Geekshow Entertainment where I first heard about it. The hosts of the show, on multiple occasions, would talk about this brilliant and beautiful comic by Stephen King’s son.

It was around that time when I would visit my local library on a weekly basis to see what new trades they got into the comic book section. On one such visit, there was “Locke and Key” volume’s 1 and 2.

I was hooked.

To me the perfect comic book has to have both a story and art that speaks to you. Artist Gabriel Rodriguez delivers big time on the art. This quite possibly could be my favorite book art ever. The characters are definitely cartoon-ish, with the perfect mix of realism and fantastical. You could feel movement in the still panes in a way that makes this comic art feel almost like a high quality animated feature.

Rodriguez’s art, both in its beauty and horror, is given life by this amazingly unique story crafted by author Joe Hill. I literally don’t want to give much away in this story because people need to experience it on their own fully – but in short, a group of kids in a family move into a house that has amazing secrets, and keys that can open unimaginable locks.

I remember taking the first few trades and reading them at a Dunkin Donuts while hiding during a visit to my in-laws up in Laconia, NH. I’d start reading, and two coffees later I realized I was supposed to bring breakfast home for my wife.


In December of 2013, the final issue – the ending – of Locke and Key came out. I finally read that issue yesterday.

I am not going to talk at all about the ending or how great of a story this was in its entirety. I just wanted to document that I read this amazing series, I recommend this amazing to series to ANYBODY who enjoys a good story – you do not have to be a comic book fan.

When I have enough money to really put together a shelf of my favorite comics, I want each trade of “Locke and Key” to be on my shelf.

Thank you Gabriel Rodriguez.

Thank you Joe Hill.

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