HelleVision Day 11: Roseanne, “BOO!” (1989)

It almost happened again. Yesterday, I got my post up late while everybody was sleeping when visiting friends. Today we drove back to my in-laws house and once again I almost fell asleep without watching a show for today. How terrible!? Luckily I remembered before closing my eyes.

I wouldn’t call Roseanne a favorite show of mine, but I definitely loved watching it as a kid. I think there was just something about a family that didn’t look perfect, didn’t act perfect, didn’t have everything, and just kinda felt like a real family – that just so happens to be funny. So for HelleVision today, I’ve watched the season 2 Halloween episode of Roseanne simply titled “BOO!”

This was a fun episode, and reminded me that Roseanne always had fun episodes for Halloween, this being the first one. Both Dan and Roseanne Conner love Halloween – and more importantly they love being able to scare people, whether it’s their neighbors, their children – or each other.

This show revolves around them trying to 1-up each other in the scare department to finally settle the debate as to who should be crowned the Master – and it comes down to the final moments of the show.

I did, and it made me feel like a kid again because this isn’t a show I ever catch on reruns. Some of these shows I used to watch as a kid but they were already in reruns. This one was brand new when I was in 8th grade, and just the look of the show made me reminisce to those good ol’ days. But yes, i did laugh.

Not gonna lie – no, but there were a couple moments that were visually creepy.

I’m not sure this show gets the credit it deserves. Maybe it does in the wider world, but personally I don’t think I have been giving it that credit. I will now though. It was a pretty groundbreaking show for the time, and this episode was just pure, frightful, fun.

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