HelleVision Day 19: Boy Meets World, “Who’s Afraid of Cory Wolf?” (1994)

“When this Boy Meets World….Boy Meets World…”

Those are the actual lyrics to the theme of – you guessed it – Fantasy Island. No actually, it’s the favorite Friday night show of 20-somethings everywhere, Boy Meets World. And today for HelleVision, we focus on the sixth episode of the second season, from 1994, Who’s Afraid of Corey Wolf?

This is what happens when you’re a young man and you think you’ve been bitten by a wolf that’s escaped the zoo. All of a sudden you notice hair growing where it wasn’t before. You start acting weird. You visit a fortune teller (played by the legend Phyllis Diller) and you warn the girl of your dreams to stay away from you because when the moon is full you are destined to kill her on Halloween night.

Yes, these are all the things that happens to young Cory Matthews when he mistakes puberty for lycanthropy.

Luckily nobody around him shares in the concern. His buddy Sean laughs it off, his brother Eric eggs him on and actually is the one that puts the thought in his head. Topanga isn’t scared away, and his parents are busy trying to find stolen diamonds hidden in soda cans.

Stolen Diamonds stolen in soda cans. Yes.

Of course 9pm comes and goes and the only thing that Cory bits on Topanga is maybe her lip when he’s kissing her. I wonder how many times my cousin Brandon wishes he was Corey? I wonder how many times he still does.

That theme song I mentioned at the beginning of this post? That wasn’t on this episode, that came in years later. Years where the show got sillier and sillier. Years where – yes, my wife and I as newleyweds would say in on Friday nights and watch in bed.

We were wild.

When this episode came out, I was just starting college, so I probably wasn’t watching then, but looking back now – this was just a fun, family show with some good, young funny actors. And I’m glad that it’s back with the new incarnation on the Disney Channel. I don’t watch Girl Meets World, but I’m happy that it is a thing.

And it definitely would NOT have been a thing if Cory was a wolf and ended up killing Topanga like Phyllis Diller predicted.

We can all count ourselves lucky that Phyllis Diller was wrong.

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