HelleVision Day 5: The Addams Family, Season 2 Episode 7 “Halloween, Addams Style” (1965)

I went back 50 years for day 5 of HelleVision, and I’m so glad I did. Growing up, I watched a lot of The Munsters, but I don’t remember watching many episodes of The Addams Family, and I think that is about to change because this was great.

Look, I’ll be 100% honest with you, I waited WAY too long to post this. I actually watched this episode in my office during my lunch break today, took a bunch of notes and screenshots, and then left them all on my desktop (forgot to drag them to Dropbox dammit!). So I am going to be short and sweet in my love for this episode.

I cannot say enough how much I loved this. It’s Halloween time – the Addams Family favorite time of year.


I had to go back and grab this screen shot through – seriously, how is this not a game that everybody who owns a seesaw plays? Do people still own seesaws?

As I said it’s Halloween, and Wednesday Addams is sad. Why? Because a terrible neighbor had the gall to tell here there was no such thing as witches! How dare you tell something like that to a little girl! To prove to Wednesday that witches are real, they decide to hold a seance to contact their old Aunt Singe who was burnt to death in Salem.

The thing is it’s Halloween – a busy time for spirits, and on such short notice Mamma doesn’t think Singe will come – so she has Lurch pretend to be Singe’s voice during the seance. After getting confused Singe (Lurch) accidentally promises that he will come visit Wednesday at night to show that she is real….

Coincidentally, a husband and wife are on a Halloween scavenger hunt, and the wife (dressed like a witch) goes to the Addams house to try to get a few things on her list – and of course they think that she is old Aunt Singe coming to visit.

I literally have nothing bad to say about this. All of my other shows have been enjoyable and it was nice to walk down memory lane with shows I used to watch, but they were a bit corny or dated. This was just perfect.

I didn’t realize just how brilliant John Astin was as Gomez Addams. His voice, his overly excited delivery and facial expressions – the man is a comic genius. And I got this all from one episode. I definitely want to go back and watch them all, but if you only watch one I emplore you to click play above on this episode.




Not for a moment. It wasn’t even about being scary or creepy. It wasn’t trying to be anything special for Halloween – it was just funny as hell.

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