HelleVision Day 8: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “Who Got Dee Pregnant?” (2010)

I have failed. Today is October 9th and yet this post is for Day 8! After 60 perfect Movie Month days, and 7 days of HelleVision – I have missed a day. The small excuse I have is that I was traveling. We’re going away for the long weekend, and got a head start by making a one-night pit stop at my in-laws in Laconia, NH. I am working from up here today, then we are heading to my buddy’s house up in Madison after work.

Cut the driving time in half, I thought. But at what cost!? At what cooooost!

I got up here, and actually watched some TV before falling asleep. So I have no excuse. No excuse.

But dammit, I said there are going to be 31 posts in 31 days and dammit there will be. So today is a double dose of HelleVision!

This morning I watched the Season 6 episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – 2010’s Who Got Dee Pregnant? – on Netflix.

It was used the classic trope of something happening in the past, and then we have to use the unreliable narrator’s recollection of that something to fill us in on what happened. This time, there were four unreliable narrators that were all drunk off their asses – Charlie, Dennis, Frank, and Mac.

Dee told them that one of them got her pregnant at their last Halloween party, so we flash back to four slightly skewed versions of what happened that night. The best part was seeing how each guy’s own personality affected how they remember things – and how Dee became more bird like with each recollection.

Did I Laugh?
Of course I did. It’s Sunny. It’s always great.

Was I Scared?
No, it wasn’t that type of show.

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