HelleVision Day 9: Community “Epidemiology” (2010)

Okay, I’m back on track. After a terrible misstep yesterday – one that nobody in the world noticed but myself – I was able to get two shows and two posts up today and get back on schedule for 31 posts in 31 days.

Today I watched the beloved, if underwatched and underappreciated, Community and their 2nd season episode “Epidemiology.”

What exactly is “epidemiology” you ask?


It’s the Halloween Night party at Greendale Community College and nobody’s left the cast yet since it’s only the second season – so everybody is there – you know, the good ol’ days. But trouble lurks when people start getting sick, from what it turns out is tainted meat that the dean purchased on discount from a military surplus store.

And in Community fashion, people don’t just get sick – they become zombies. This leads to a wonderfully trope-filled episode that is resolved when Troy saves the day and the Army arrives to douse everyone with a chemical that erases their memories of what happened that night.

The night that chemically tested-on taco meat from the army gave the people of a small Colorado community college a fever that turned them into biting zombies, but the last survivor reaches the thermostat just in time to turn on the A/C and bring down everyone’s temperature and turns them back from zombies to regular weirdos.

You know, a typical sitcom Halloween episode.

And that is why Community will go down of my favorite shows of all time.

Did I Laugh?
It’s Commnunity. Of course.

Was I Scared?
No, but there were some fun creepy moments.

Cool? Cool?

Cool. Cool.

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