It’s Pretty Easy Patriots: Just Don’t Lose

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots look to back on track this week – back to their winning ways. During the early part of the 2014 season, I remember all the talk being this 6 game “gauntlet” that the Patriots had to go through:

  1. vs Bears
  2. vs Broncos
  3. @ Colts
  4. vs Lions
  5. @ Packers
  6. @ Chargers

If they could only survive this chunk of the season. Maybe go 3-3, 4-2 at the best and they’ll be in good shape. As we all know, up until last week in Green Bay, the Patriots had gone undefeated in this stretch. Still, with Sunday night’s game they go in 4-1 and a loss would bring them to that “successful” 4-2 record over the half-dozen stretch.

The only problem there is that, because of the loss to the Packers, the Chargers game – and every other game left on the schedule – is a must win if the Patriots want to hold their own destiny. The Patriots need to win Sunday night in San Diego, then beat the Dolphins, Jets, and Bills to secure the top spot in the AFC.

If they lose any one of those games, they will have to rely on other teams losing if they want to secure home field throughout the playoffs. After the Chargers game, the Patriots have games at home against Miami and Buffalo – and one road win against the Jets. The Patriots are basically unbeatable at home, and I don’t think they should have much trouble against the Jets (but you never know). That is why getting this win against the Chargers is so huge.

Everything that they want to do with the rest of the regular season. Everything that they want to build upon going into the post season. Everything starts with a win Sunday night against Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers.

The Patriots are the number one seed in the AFC, and it’s theirs to keep.

As long as they don’t lose anymore.

So just keep winning.

And Sunday night (and every game) that’s exactly what I think and expect to happen. Patriots 38, San Diego 24.

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