Blindly Ready For Bruins Hockey

I am sitting at the kitchen table, eating a lunch I just somehow threw together in a frying pan based on stuff in my fridge, and it dawned on me – The Boston Bruins’ season starts tonight!

Last year was a tough one to deal with. I love watching Bruins games, and really try to watch as many as I can, and towards the end of last year I started losing interest – as the team was just plain losing. No playoffs for the first time in 2007. It was a hard pill to swallow.

And then the off-season where they replace their GM, keep Claude behind the bench, and make a bunch of moves including trading Lucic (yay) and Hamilton (boo). Every time they signed a guy I would email my friends asking if this would help the team. Hoping to at least not repeat last year.

I’m really not sure what to expect – and part of me doesn’t even care. By that I mean, to hell with expectations. Let’s get the pucks dropped and the games played, and then we’ll see where the B’s wind up at the end of it all.

Hope. That we can still have. I still have. I’m sitting here typing this (my lunch is getting cold) in a Bruins hat, shirt, and hoodie, and I’m ready for Bruins Hockey – no matter what happens.

But for hope? I just hope to get back into the playoffs, because we all know that anything can happen once you’re there.

Just get there.

I hope.

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