Football. Patriots Football.

Finally, this past Thursday night we saw the return of football. Of actual, regular season, NFL Football.

Patriots football.

The eyes of the world were watching to see how the Patriots would react. To see how their captain, their leader, their quarterback – would react. How would he play? All the skeptics out there must’ve assumed that he can’t play with balls under regular inflation…

And see, there it is. I am so sick of hearing about. So sick of talking about it, and still I just did. I still made a mention of it. It’s probably not going away anytime soon. It’s annoying, it’s silly – and it’s actually pretty insulting. Bob Costas, Chris Collinsworth, Dan Patrick, all sounded like jack-asses, and the rest of the country – especially the dumb dumbs (and if you are not sure if I’m talking about you, chances are I am) – eat it up and nod like lemmings, because these are the “experts” and they know everything there is to know about footballs.

So what do you do as a Patriots fan? You smile, sit back and enjoy the football game. Watching your quarterback light up the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, at one point completing a franchise record 19 passes in a row, throwing four touchdown passes to the tight end position – three of them to Gronk.

But of course, more ridiculousness emerges when the Steelers communications system ran into trouble and actually started picking up the Patriot radio play-by-play feed. Of course this is what the Patriots are focused on when the eyes of the world are watching them, right?

And when people say it happens all the time in other stadiums? Or when Mark Sanchez complained about it happening in Pittsburgh during a 2011 playoff game?

Well that’s just random bad luck. If it happens in New England? Shenanigans!

I’ve decided to ignore the noise as much as I can and just enjoy the actual football games as much as possible.

As for the Patriots themselves – The best way for them to handle it?

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