BREAKING NEWS: Tom Brady To Start All 19 Patriots Games In 2015 Season

Fans Not Experts (and @mikey_c) are proudly the first to report that Tom Brady will be the starting quarterback for all 19 Patriots game this upcoming NFL Season.

Based on that totally un-photoshopped photo above, Brady is said to be “fired up” for the upcoming 19 games over the 22 week NFL Season. He’s ready to put all of this garbage behind him, and move on the 16 game regular season. As excited as he is about that, he’s really looking forward to that bye week where all the worst playoff teams have to play each other. After that, he’s been telling close friends that he’s excited to get back to work against OPPONENT IRRELEVANT in the AFC Divisional Playoff, followed by the big game against OPPONENT IRRELEVANT in the AFC Conference Championship.

After that he’s feeling good about that week off between games. Time to reflect. Time to prepare. Time to get ready. Ready for the biggest game of the season against OPPONENT IRRELEVANT in Super Bowl 50.

“It should be a wild ride,” Brady said.

When asked for a comment, Patriots Coach Bill Belichick said something like, “We’re just getting ready for week 1 against Pittsburgh.”

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