Play Ball!

After the 2013 Red Sox season, I was so ready for baseball to come back. After the 2014 season – not so much right away. Then the Patriots took over the Boston sports world and the last things I was thinking about were the Red Sox and baseball.

But time passed. The winter sucked big time. The Patriots talk returned to the negative side of things. The Bruins weren’t sure if they were good or terrible. And something changed in me.

The weather got a little warmer. The snow started melting. And spring (training) was in the air.

Now the time is actually here. Opening Day. The real mark of warmer days to come. And how will our Red Sox be?

Well, the jury is still out on that. I think our lineup will be pretty damn good. It’s that starting pitching that everybody seems to be weary of. Honestly, did anybody ever think they’d be seeing a Sox Opening Day with Clay Buchholz taking the mound?

After last year, you have to think things can only gay better. But how much better? Can this rotation be serviceable enough to get the Sox back in the playoff picture? And if they somehow make it back to the post-season, can they make a real push?

And – am I getting way ahead of myself? Yes, but that’s what we do on opening day, right? Here is New England over the past 14 years we expect (because we are spoiled) quality teams making it into their league’s playoffs. Sure the MLB post season is one of the hardest to achieve with only 8 teams (okay 10 with that play-in) total getting in. But dammit we expect our Red Sox to be one of those teams!

However, there is plenty of time for that. Right now, today, I can just enjoy the fact that baseball, and the Red Sox, are back.

And that Lester is already 0-1.

Play ball!

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