Patriots Afterthoughts

Preseason Game 1: Patriots 22 – Washington 15

I know, I know – it’s only the preseason. But you can’t tell me this one isn’t different. You can’t tell me this one doesn’t feel different. Hell, we didn’t even get one of these last year and we all know why. And now, this year we have the new format of 3 preseason games and 17 regular season games. Oh and we have a first round rookie quarterback getting his first live NFL action.

Yeah this is different. And while Cam Newton is still the starting quarterback at this exact moment, you can’t help but be hopeful by what we saw from rookie Mac Jones tonight. He is the future of this team, or at least that’s the plan. Will he be the future? Will the future come sooner than you think?

Only time will tell, but I’ll say one thing – football is back baybay!

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