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What’s Next For Stranger Things? What’s Next For Stranger Danger?

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Greetings Stranger Friends!!!! I know it’s only been a few days since you last heard from me, but I told you I would be back soon to talk about some thoughts I had on what the future may hold. In this (much much shorter than last time) episode I discuss some thoughts I have about what we might see next. And I take a guess on what we might hear next too – if the timing lines up.

I also talk about what is next for Stranger Danger! You didn’t think I’d just sit around waiting for Stranger Things 5 did you? Plus I play some voicemails – and mention a little something I have cooking (again stay tuned to your podcast feed in the next couple days).

So, I look forward to having more details on that VERY soon. Until then – STAY STRANGER MY FRIENDS!


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