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Share What You Read With Shelfari

For those of you who don’t know this, I like to read – and for the past few months I have been tracking and sharing everything I read using Shelfari.

It seems like more than ever people want to share all the little tidbits of their lives. Where they’re going, what they’re eating, who they’re hanging out with – and they expect the rest of us to find it all interesting.

Well, that’s what I expect from all of you anyway.

I am no different, and this site is proof positive of that. I love to share my thoughts and opinions on the things I geek out on – and reading is one of my favorite things to do, so it makes sense that I’d want to share all the books I’m reading.

For a while I was using Facebook to do that amongst my “friends,” But when I started this site I knew that I wanted to do this in a way that was more accessible and easier to share.

That’s when I discovered Shelfari.

Shelfari is a free web service that allows you to catalog the books you read, write reviews and recommendations, and connect with people that have similar interests in reading as you.

I haven’t used too much of the social networking part of the site, but I love being able to add in the books, or comic books, that I am currently reading or have just finished.

As you can see to the right of this article (if you’re viewing this on I like to show off to site visitors the most recent things that I am reading – and hopefully hear from some of you with some good recommendations (thanks to those who I have heard from.)

A few things that I wish were better:

There is a Shelfari Application in Facebook, but it doesn’t seem to automatically update or post things on my wall as I post them to my bookshelf.

Also, an iPhone App would be great so that I can update my shelf on the go.

Twitter integration is a big missing piece of the puzzle. I’d love to set it up so every book I add to my shelf gets posted as a tweet. I think it would be a great/easier way to share what I’m reading with the masses, and it could really drive traffic back to the site.

Other than those small complaints, I am very happy with Shelfari and recommend all you readers out there to sign up for a free account. And if you do, look me up. You can find my bookshelf at the following URL:

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