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The Dream Life

I think my dream life would consist of just writing – every day. Some days I’d write at home. Some days I’d go to a coffee shop, or the mall, or a library, or just a quiet place in the park.

And all I would is write.

I’d love to be a guy working on his next book, publicizing his last book. The only problem is that I never take the time that is needed to actually try to write. I am going on vacation next week and dammit – I want to bring my laptop and write.

I have a book idea that I’ve been working on for years and never really worked it all the way through. What if I did it finally? What if I did it and stinks and it doesn’t even come close to being published? Who cares, at least I can say that I actually wrote something. Hell, nowadays I can just publish it myself.

But I have to write it first.

Someday, I’d love to look back on this and say I wrote a book.

Someday, I’d love to actually sit down and write a book.

Why can’t this year be the year that both of those days occur.

Why not?

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