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Anchorman 2: A Funny Movie, Just Not A Very Good One

I just got back from seeing Anchorman 2 tonight and I wanted to write a quick post on my immediate thoughts. The movie was funny. There were a lot of times I laughed. Some moments I really laughed. Some I smiled. Some I thought, I think I should’ve laughed there, and some where I looked over at my friend thinking, really?

But what do I want? For years I’ve been one of the people wanting an Anchorman sequel, and you have to figure there’s no way for it to be as good. They weren’t making something new, they were revisiting hilarious characters doing similar things that weren’t as original or as good.

But I did love all of the shark storyline. Some of the best stuff in the movie.

I wasn’t a fan of Kristen Wiig’s character really at all, and I usually really like her.

Honestly, for the most part I was laughing – and that was the important thing. Do I think this will be as quotable as the first? I doubt it. But then again I don’t remember how I felt after watching the first one that first time.

Maybe this WILL be the same thing and the more I watch it the more I grow to really like and maybe even love it.

For now I think that it was a sub-par movie with funny and hilarious moments in it – enough to overlook the parts that didn’t work for me.

And even though I’m being a bit negative about it – I’m sure I’ll be back in the theater if we ever see an Anchorman 3.

Funny. Not Great – but then again does it really need to be? Is that what they even were striving for?

Sometimes funny needs to be enough, and for me I would say that it was, but just barely.

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