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I Am A Horrible Reader

See this book I’m reading? Yeah, I’ve been reading it since May.

I had this vision or re-reading The Sword of Shannara and many more Shannara books over the summer of 2013. Seven months later and I’m finally four pages away from finishing the book.

Why such a long time? Because I’m a horrible reader. I read a couple pages here and a couple there, then I want to go watch some TV show. I try reading on the train in the morning, but I doze off too much.

For me, if I read at my best I finish books in a couple weeks – and that’s if I take time every day to actually read. I’m not the fastest reader anyway and can get distracted if I hear conversations or TV going on – but I also just haven’t been dedicated enough. That’s the real problem.

I haven’t even read a comic in months. Every chance I’m trying to catch up on all my Hulu and Netflix queues. Video has taken over – but I finally decided to put an end to that and finish this damn book.

Hell it’s my second time reading it – I wonder if I finished it the first time, it’s been a while.

But as soon as I finish writing this blog, I’m going to pick up the book and finish it.

After that, I’m moving on to another book. I’ll probably take a quick break from Terry Brooks and go read Horns by Joe Hill (picked that up at a dollar store – for a dollar.)

Like blogging, I want to spend more time in 2014 reading and writing, and maybe – just maybe – a little less time watching TV shows.

Or I guess I could just spend less time sleeping….

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