Goodbye White Collar

Might get spoilery – so be warned if you haven’t watched it yet.

A lot of my favorite shows are ending this season. We’ve already said goodbye to Sons of Anarchy, and as much as I loved that show, I am equally sad that another one of my favorite shows was ending. This past week, USA’s White Collar aired its series finale.

White Collar was a show that I started watching from day 1, episode 1. All I knew about it was that it starred the dude that from Chuck and that it was about an ex-con now helping a federal agent. What I quickly learned was that it was a fairly smart, super fun television where Neal Caffrey could literally do anything – and in a way that made you believe it was realistic.

And if you watched this final episode – you know he did it again.

I bought it. I thought, no way they were doing this. No way they were going to kill off Neal. But at the same time I bought it. I was hoping – we all were hoping – but when Mozzy started losing it, I admit I teared up. I couldn’t believe they were killing off the main character.

But Neal Caffrey saved his greatest con for last.

The reveal had me go from lying on my couch, to sitting on the edge of my seat. Just a perfect, perfect, perfect ending to a really fun and enjoyable show.

A lot of my favorites are ending in 2014/2015, but not many of them were as fun for as long as White Collar was.

Au Revoir.

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