“The Last Man on Earth” is Great!

I know this show premiered on Sunday night, but I wasn’t able to watch it until this morning – and man am I glad I did.

I have been a fan of Will Forte for years. He is one of those guys that can make me laugh with a simple look or even just be talking.

I went to see MacGruber in the theater – and I loved it. Seriously, I’m a fan.

When I heard that he was developing a half-hour comedy (It hearts my heart to consider this a sitcom and have to lump it in with the horrible laugh-tracked shows) and that the premise was that he was the last man on earth….Well, needless to say I was excited.

If you’re not aware of the show, take a look.

It’s hard to talk about this show without giving too much away – plus I’m not a professional writer or critic, so it’s hard for me to talk anyway. But all I can say is that this show should make Will Forte the star he deserves to be. His amazing comic presence is what anchored the first half of the double-pilot, and made me laugh even more during the second half.

The show is not afraid to take small steps back from the joking and show some slight seriousness – because how could this situation not be majorly depressing. But the funny is there big time, and it made me think, “what would I do?” and I’m not going out on a limb to say that I’d probably end up a lot like him.

Seriously, what would I do without plumbing? I’m a mess almost as is right now WITH it.

But how would a show about the last man on earth work? Would it really be just us watching him every week? Sure, I would do that, but what about the rest of America? There would have to be more to this show, right? Flashbacks maybe?

Some of that will be answered right in the first episode, which I strongly suggest you go watch right now on hulu.

I’m really happy that the show started off with pretty good ratings – it didn’t lead it’s time with viewers, but it did in the key demo that advertisers love (I’m choosing to ignore cable ratings since we all know The Walking Dead rules Sunday nights overall). If it remains near where it started, I am hopefully we will won’t see this show cut down prematurely.

Do the right thing Fox. I know it’s only been one night, but I really, really liked this show. You have a faithful viewer in me.

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