WrestleFania Episode 004. Mike and Brandon Cut Promos and Discuss WWE Elimination Chamber

Hey look, we’re actually back with another new episode! Well, WWE threw us a curveball by scheduling this Network only event only two weeks after Payback, but we threw a curveball right back at them by having the balls to talk about it like our opinions matter.

Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and Brandon (@WrestleBrand) were also given a challenge to cut promos on each other. But let’s be honest, what they ended up doing was far from your traditional promo – but the intent was still the same, to leave your opponent curled up crying….

And hey, since I have you, Fans Not Experts starts their 2nd annual “FNE Movie Month” tomorrow, June 1st. 30 Movies. 30 Posts. 30 Days. This is called cross promotion!

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