What is WWE Doing With Ryback?

He started out as a monster taking on local jobbers. One. Two. Three at a time. People in the back would gather around the monitors to catch a glimpse of his power. People were reacting – sure they were chanting Goldberg – but people were reacting. Most importantly, the powers-that-be seemed to really take a liking to him.

So what the hell is going on?

Ryback’s quick rise and weird “fall” all are thanks to John Cena. With Cena being unable to compete in the Hell in a Cell PPV last year, Ryback was quickly shuffled in as a replacement to take on the WWE Champ at the time – CM Punk. This was a great opportunity for Ryback, and though the match ended with Brad Maddox giving him a low blow and CM Punk getting the win – we still got a couple great moments. Ryback through Maddox out of the ring and up against the cage, only to come crashing to the matt below – and Ryback got to give a Shell Shock to Punk on top of the Cell, the PPV going off the air with the crowd no longer chanting Goldberg.

Now they were chanting FEED ME MORE.

But then he had a pretty lame match against Mark Henry at Wrestlemania and I thought – uh oh, is this the end for him already? But no, they quickly turn him heel and turn him against John Cena who needed someone to go up against after winning the strap off of the Rock at WM29.

So they had an ambulance match and I am sure it was fine – I didn’t watch it.

But since that point – where the hell is Ryback?

I watch RAW almost every week. If I miss any of it, I watch it on Hulu Plus. I’ve seen Ryback in a match here or there, mostly crying about an injury and pulling himself from the match.

What is going on?

And now? Now??? Now they have him being a bully character – backstage to a bunch of “crew members” – just acting like a jerk and beating them up.

No feud. No rivalry. He’s working no program. Do they have a plan for this guy?

He’s been the in the Main Event of PPV’s and now he’s doing next to nothing. There has to be a plan, right?

With Cena gone, Daniel Bryan can’t do everything – even though they are trying by having him wrestle multiple times each night (and I’m not complaining) – but there is a void left by Cena without a doubt. Somebody needs to fill that void.

And no I am not thinking Ryback….I’m thinking somebody to come in and challenge Ryback. Somebody to “teach him a lesson” or picking on the regular folk. Could that be on the horizon?

Maybe a Bautista – or dare I say it…Goldberg himself?

I hope something is planned – and someone is coming in to take on the Rybully – because right now I find it Ryboring and he’s better than that.

Feed Us….Something.

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