What is Going On With the WWE Championship?

There hasn’t been a WWE Champion since Night of Champions. Summerslam ended with a swerve cash in. Night of Champions ended with a quick count that ended with a champion being stripped. Battleground ended with….nothing.

What in the world is the WWE doing?

For over 400 days CM Punk gave that belt respect. In 2013, it’s already gone from The Rock to Cena to Bryan to Orton to Bryan to no one…

We all know the “champion” is not a title that is won. But it is a level of respect in the business that is given to someone that the company has faith in.

What does that say about what is going on right now?

With Hell in a Cell right around the corner the WWE needs to stop with this storyline and award a champion. I don’t care if he holds the belt for a day or a month or a week.

But they need a clean finish with a decisive winner.

And I say it has to be Daniel Bryan. Give the people what they want.

After all, isn’t that’s what is good for business?

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