HelleVision Day 22: Modern Family, “Halloween” (2010)

It’s part two of my Ed O’Neill Creature Double Feature for HelleVision. Who would have thought that Ed O’Neill, after years of being known as Al Bundy, would find more success in an even bigger, more critically acclaimed sitcom in Modern Family? And tonight, I watched their 2010, season 2 episode: The simply titled, “Halloween.”

So it turns out Halloween is pretty big deal in the Dunphy family. Right off the bat, Claire and Phil are pranking and scaring Luke and talking about how much they love Halloween. Claire especially.

Meanwhile, Mitchell is dressing up as Spider-Man for the first Halloween at his new job. He doesn’t want to be the only one at work not dressed up.

And Jay needs to make sure Gloria gets costumes for the House of Horrors that Claire and Phil are running.

It’s really tough to recap a show that jumps around so quickly from one thing to another, so I’ll just touch on the highlights.

Turns out there are only three people dressed up at Mitchell’s work – a tool, a douche, and him. So ended up throwing a suit over his costume. And he couldn’t get out of it all day, so he walked around squeaking and people thinking he’s been working out at the gym. He ends up trying to chang in the men’s room, but gets his suit wet – so summoning the courage of wearing the Spider-Man suit, he shimmies down a drain pipe to escape to his car – and sets then bumps a car and sets off every alarm, alerting everyone in his office that he in fact DID dress up.

Phil and Claire’s neighbor is going through a divorce. He was going to be their scarecrow, but now he can’t do it, and he actually is putting doubt in Phil’s head about Claire and if it could happen to him.

The one thing I wanted to note was just how little the kids look. Sure all the adults have aged somewhat, but its the kids who look so drastically different.

Now it’s Halloween night, and Claire is directing everyone in position so their House of Horrors goes perfect. Which it doesn’t. Gloria is upset because Jay said people don’t always understand her accent. Cam hates Halloween. The kids aren’t into it. Mitchell doesn’t want to get in a costume after being in one all day (but he does).

Just as Claire is about to give up, the family comes through and creates the perfect House of Horrors – and yay everybody is happy!

9 more days ’til Halloween….Hallowen…Halloween. 9 more days ’til Halloween, Silver Shamrock.

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