HelleVision Day 24: The Goldbergs, “Who Are You Going to Telephone?” (2013)

There may not be a sitcom on the air today that I look forward to more than The Goldbergs. Nevermind that fact that it’s hilarious – but it’s also a flashback to my childhood. I literally was Adam Goldberg. I always had the video camera with me and always was making movies. And all the toys, fashion, music, and general pop culture of the 80s are just great. It took me a few episodes to realize that the specific year of the 80s they were in was not important – it was just a whole bunch of 80s mashed up into a half hour of laughs. If you enjoy laughter, please, please check out this show – starting with the first season, where I go back to for today’s Hellevision, Who Are You Going to Telephone?

Young Adam Goldberg spent days making his costume – the classic 80s puzzler, a Rubik’s Cube.


But this year he’s ditching his grandfather this year (for the first time) to go with a cool kid that asked him. He figures “Pops” was always humoring him when they went out dressed together, and would be glad he doesn’t half to go out with him this year.

Meanwhile, oldest (and dumbest) son, Barry, is dressed up as The Incredible Hulk. Pops asked HIM to go out trick-or-treating – but Barry has a part to go tobecause he knows ladies love the Hulk, and he’s such a badass.


Total chick magnet.

Dad, Murray, just wants to sit on his ass. Mom, Beverly, is mad because she has to hand out the candy alone – but Pops jumps in and offers to help, since he now has nothing to do.

Middle child, Erica, is going as a “Sexy Jane Goodall” and she’s told her mom that she’s actually looking forward to Barry getting his heart crushed at the party tonight by a girl he likes. But now mom is worried about Big Tasty – oh, that’s his rap name. You’d know that if you watched.

As it turns out, the “cool” kids that Adam wanted to go trick-or-treating with just want to mess with kids and start trouble. Oh, and worried Bevery – actually gets dressed up as a ghost to crash the party and check in on her son.


Yes, she’s more of a “Smother” than just your average mother. She actually pretends to be the new girl at school and tries to talk up Barry to the girl he likes.

Back at home, Murray leaves all the candy outside to end people ringing the doorbell, but kids steal it in 2 seconds. Pops wants to keep handing out candy, so Murray gives him coffee cake to hand out. One of the kids with Adam runs up to tell the others that some cheap house is giving out old coffee cake, so they all go to egg it.

To remain with the cool kids, Adam reluctantly decides to egg his own house.


And ends up egging his own father.

Barry finally gets the courage to ask out the girl he likes, and ends up spilling a drink on her and getting green paint all over her. Worse, he discovers his mom is dressed as the ghost and is totally humiliated in front of the entire party. And as much as Erica wanted him to make a fool of himself, it looks like she feels bad now. She actually ends up leaving the party, gives Barry a little pep talk, and they go off to another party.

Meanwhile, Adam is grounded and has to clean all the egg of the house, but after talking to his dad about why it happened, he let him go out for real trick-or-treating with someone who WANTS to go with him – good ol’ Pops.


And Halloween is saved!!!!!

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