HelleVision Day 25: Home Improvement, “The Haunting Of Taylor House” (1992)

I’m going to be perfectly honest. With a birthday party, Patriots football, and WWE’s Hell in a Cell tonight, watching an episode was tough to fit in – but I did. Today I watched Home Improvement’s “The Haunting Of Taylor House” from 1992.

This is such a bad post, that I am just copying the synopsis from the Home Improvement Wiki:

It’s Halloween, and Brad is hosting a party. He and his girlfriend Jennifer plan to dress as Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann, however Jennifer shows up dressed like and with Brad’s enemy, Danny, because Brad didn’t pick her for his team in kickball, which she takes as a sign that Brad doesn’t care about their relationship. Meanwhile, Tim prepares his “Catacombs of Terror” to scare Brad’s invitees.

But I still did really watch it – and WOW that’s Rider Strong (Boy Meets World) as a little prick. This was a fun episode. And this terrible excuse for a blog post is now in the books!

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