HelleVision Day 26: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “Halloween III” (2015)

If ever there’s a week for shows to air their Halloween episode for the year, this is the week. That means this week we could actually have brand new episodes as part of HelleVision, like we do with today’s show – Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and their third season episode, Halloween III, which aired just last night.

I really can’t recommend this show enough. Such a silly, laugh-out-loud funny show. Andy Samberg most people know from Saturday Night Live, and for being a very silly comic actor. What you may not expect is that Andre Braugher, known mainly for drama, is actually the funniest part of the show.

He’s the Captain of the 99th precinct, and is so straight-laced, so by-the-books, so “distinguished” and such a “gentleman” that the way he talks and the references he makes are just flat out hilarious. Every Halloween at the Nine-Nine, it’s become a tradition of Samberg and Braugher being in a fun competition to see who the best detective is. The first year, Andy Samberg created the game and forced it upon the Captain. The following year, the tables were turned, an this year they both when into the competition together.

How it goes down isn’t really important. The important thing is the amount of times I outwardly laughed while watching this on train home from Boston today. People, if you aren’t watching this – please start. Add it to your DVR, or your Hulu queue, just something that adds to its numbers – because I don’t want this show going anywhere.

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