Wow a year goes by fast!

Last year, back before my original blog merged with Fans Not Experts, I started the first ever “Geek Mentality Movie Month,” where I would watch a movie I’ve never seen and post about it every day in the month of June. If you’re interested, check out last year’s movies.

Last year turned out to have some perfect timing. My cousin had just gotten married, and for participating in the Mass, I got a nice gift card to Amazon – which I used to rent a bunch of movies of course.

This year, with the challenge being redubbed “Fans Not Experts Movie Month” or simply “FNE Movie Month” I am going to do my best to try to spend as little as possible on movies. Sure I plan on seeing at least one movie in the theater, but besides that I hope to do most of my watching through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, and Showtime.

And I’ll even check out the library to see what they have for DVD (which actually is what I did for movie #1, coming tomorrow.)

Why do I do this? I actually think it’s a lot of fun. It gets me writing more, gets the blog looking more fresh, and catches me up on a lot of movies I’ve yet to see. Hell, there were a few movies that I wanted to watch recently, but decided to hold them for June.

One thing you’ll probably notice is – every post comes with an image from the movie, with a special extra handsome guy thrown in there somewhere – even in the picture above.

I am looking forward to filling up this site with another 30 movies.

Starting tomorrow.

Follow along on Twitter or Facebook, with the hashtag #FNEmoviemonth.

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