Jimmy Go Bye Bye

So yeah…This happened.

Major QB shakeup: 49ers trading 2018 2nd-round draft pick to New England for Patriots’ QB Jimmy Garoppolo, sources tell ESPN.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) October 31, 2017

Yeah, this web site is not one for breaking news or expert sports analysis – but I have a deep love of the New England Patriots. They are my constant.

Of course the reason for that is Mr. Perfect, Tom Brady. But Brady is 40 years old. I was 40 once. It’s not young. Sure, he’s still the best quarterback in the world, but what about 20 years from now when he wants to retire? I honestly thought we’d have Brady for a few more years and the Pats would figure out a way to keep Jimmy around and have him slide into the starting role at some point. A lot of people thought that would happen. Especially after they did not trade him in the last off-season.

But then they did. Tonight. For a second round pick?

I would’ve hoped they could get something more for him, but maybe we just all grossly overrated what Jimmy was worth. We can assume that the Patriots got the best they could get – or at least close enough.

So when all those losers call sports radio tomorrow to complain about not getting enough for him in the trade, remember that you guys call radio shows. And know nothing. Nothing.

Like me. But I don’t pretend to.

Bye Jimmy. You were a worthy back up to the King. I had hoped you were the future, but did your job. Good luck.

The question is now who will retire first? Jimmy Garoppolo or Tom Brady?

Only time or physic wizards will tell….

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