Sharknado 2 : What a Terribly Delightful Movie!

Three nights ago I sat down in front of my TV to watch a made for television movie. No, that is actually a lie. I actually went out – made plans and went out – to my friends house – for the specific reason of watching this made for television movie together. That was Wednesday night.

Sharknado 2 night.

Sharknado 2: The Second One to be accurate.

What a Terribly Delightful Movie!

I remember hearing about the first Sharknado some time before it originally aired, but I didn’t see it the first night it was on. I did watch it during its first re-airing, and then again with my buddy and his kids.

It was just plain wonderful. I love movies that aren’t just cheesy, but are badly made, and badly acted – and at the same time have such an amazing high concept. The crazier the better. That was Sharknado.

Sharknado 2, well I was afraid that it wouldn’t live up to the first one. I was very, very wrong.

And I was happy to watch it on its premiere night! Sure, the effects were “better” and the production was “better” and the cameos were all over the place.

Is that Billy Ray Cyrus as the doctor? Yes!

Is that Judd Hirsch driving a frigging taxi? Yes!

Is that Benjy Bronk being Benjy Bronk? Yes! (Stern fans get that one)

Is that Serena Williams? No, is that….Who is that?

Pepa!!!? I didn’t even recognize her! But damn, that was Pepa!

My favorite was Al Roker and Matt Lauer who delivered quite a performance in multiple scenes, even killing a shark at one point.

Ian Ziering killed it as Fin, the Ex-New Yorker, Ex-Californian, Surfing, Tornado stopping, Shark killing, Plane landing star of the movie.

Tara Reid’s corpse played a very believable Tara Reid in the movie – my God she was terrible. Even in this movie she outshined everybody with her suckiness.

I really have nothing to add – but I couldn’t let this phenomenon pass without touching upon it for my site. The movie broke SyFy movie records, and basically took over twitter. And that means one thing!

Sharknado 3…Hopefully on the moon!

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